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Our Mission

Cyberfunk Security is a new dynamic German security company with one big aim: to change the status quo in the field of cyber security and to make the technical language of the "cyber world", which is perceived as complicated, understandable and accessible to all decision-makers in the private and political sectors.

We manage cyber risks for companies and public authorities in the DACH region.

We work together with our customers - small and medium-sized enterprises - to improve the understanding of IT security, to prepare for the increasing threats from the Internet and the Darknet and to be well protected against hacker attacks and blackmailers.

Thus, we want to make medium-sized enterprises and public authorities ready for the increasingly complex world of cybercrime and protect them against attacks and extortion from the Internet.

Through established technologies such as Darknet Monitoring, Red Teaming, Threat Intelligence and 24x7 Incident Response, we make them ready for the modern cyber world with all its current challenges.

Our highly experienced team works at the forefront, bringing together hundreds of investigators, technicians and risk managers with the very best data and software engineers in the industry. We bring a relentless passion for innovation and a commitment to fighting cybercrime.

We are equally passionate about protecting businesses, governments and infrastructure from cybercriminals and giving back to our community.

We use the information and intelligence from our breach investigations to assist law enforcement, non-profit organisations and governments in combating cybercrime.

The founders story

See who we are and what motivated
us to start a new and agile company

Kader Cornelius is a trained chef from the Michelin-starred restaurant industry and has been working in the field of threat intelligence and cybercrime research for almost 15 years. After a death in the family, he turned his hobby into a vocation.

Since then, Kader has made a name for himself in the German-speaking cybersecurity community through close collaborations with companies and various law enforcement agencies.

Wasilij Geist has over 15 years of experience in IT and cybersecurity.

He spent 8 years in the management of a well-known and privately owned security company. He created new business areas in automotive and industrial cybersecurity and introduced new services such as cyber insurance and drone defence.

Andrej von Berg has spent 10 years enabling business growth. He has worked in retail and led start-ups to scale.

Andrej was a director in finance and led multi-million dollar growth projects that resulted in increased market shares. He analyses and forecasts financial data leading to positive cash flow. Andrej holds an MBA from the University of St. Gallen with a focus on business planning and cash flow management.


Press & Media

«In den sozialen Medien gibt es praktisch keine Hürden mehr»


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Jetzt kann jeder mit Hacken Geld machen

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Sensible Daten als Geisel, Lösegeld gegen Code – Unterwegs mit dem Cyberjäger

Cyberkriminalität in der DACH-Region und Ransomware in LATAM

2700 Cyberangriffe auf Schweizer Unternehmen innerhalb eines Jahres

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