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Red Team Assessment

Realistic attack simulation

We help you to prepare all important business data To protect against hacker attacks

A Red Team Assessment provides a realistic assessment of how vulnerable your organization really is to the actions of professional groups of cybercriminals.

Cyber>funk uncovers the strategies and ways hackers attack and infiltrate your business, steal your most sensitive information and sabotage your most vital systems. Through our analysis, you can identify and close these efficient and effective entry points for attackers, systematically strengthening your security. A Red Teaming Assessment allows you to thoroughly assess the security of your entire organisation.

Uncover undetected vulnerabilities before others do. Act proactively and prevent significant costs of a cyber-attack.

Red Team Exercises (also: Red Team Assessments or Red Team Engagements) are thorough attack simulations. An experienced team (the Red Team) adopts the position of the attacker and conducts a practical test by launching a cyberattack on the target organization.

This will also test your defensive strategies at the same time. Will your security team be able to identify the signs of a serious attack? If so, how quickly? Or, more importantly, can attackers infiltrate, distribute, and access your most sensitive trade secrets without your knowledge?

Cyber>funk, which has specialised in Red Teaming Assessments since its founding, uses the same techniques used in real cyber-attacks: social engineering, physical intrusions, malware customised for an application or developed from scratch, lateral movement techniques to propagate between internal systems, techniques to bypass firewalls and virus scanners, persistence and stealth techniques as known from APTs, and more.

Since Red Team Assessments aim to simulate attacks as realistically as possible, they are based on the attack phases that typically occur during cyber attacks. These phases are also referred to as the "cyber kill chain".

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