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Darknet Monitoring

Investigations in the Dark- and Deepweb

50% of German SMEs pay extortionists an average of 1.7 million

We safeguard your confidential information, such as accounts or passwords, against exposure, dissemination, and sale on the Dark Web. Dark Web Monitoring searches and monitors the Dark Web for information about your company, such as stolen data, compromised passwords, intellectual property, and other sensitive data.

We have the resources and personnel at Cyber>funk to safeguard your company from Dark Web threats. We can detect vulnerable areas of your company and protect them using real-time analytics.

Save significant costs by not becoming a victim of an attack in the first place! We investigate whether your data is already being traded on the darknet.

Captures data from a wide range of deep and dark web sources, including TOR, I2P, ZeroNet, and paste sites.

Assess risks, vulnerabilities and malicious exploitation related to executives, brands, customers and vendors. We offer professional advice on how to strengthen security operations.

Provides reliable, SOC-verified alerts on the illegal exposure of customer information, account data, and personal information, as well as other fraudulent behaviour.

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