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Active Directory Hardening

Securing Windows Server Authorisations

Gain visibility into your infrastructure.

We support your organisation in defending against Active Directory attacks by offering insight into risks at the AD domain, user and device level, and without the need for additional investment in unnecessary security technology at a minimal cost in terms of time.

Attacks such as “Pass-the-Hash”, “Pass-the-Ticket” and other corporate cyberattacks that exploit access to privileged accounts present a major risk to corporate resources.

This allows you to stay in control of the situation during any storm, making the right decisions in an emergency and saving valuable time.

Most organisations utilise Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) as the foundation of any Windows domain network. It saves information about domain members, including devices and users, and validates credentials and sets access permissions, making life easier for both the IT team and users. However, as an organisation evolves, it may combine with other companies or simply grow and expand its business. All of this has an impact on the ad structure by increasing complexity and reducing visibility, creating potential dark corners that allow hackers or malicious actors to operate undetected on your network. Therefore, AD can also be used against your business. In the event of a cyber-attack kill chain, poorly structured networks are used by attackers to easily gain root domain privileges, take control of entire networks or dismantle their backups.

Windows Active Directory is a favoured target for attackers looking to gain access to your critical data and IT infrastructure. In fact, Microsoft estimates that 95 million AD accounts are attacked every day. The CyberFunk security solution assists you in securing your Active Directory from start to finish - from vulnerability identification and repair, to threat detection and response, to rapid security incident recovery to minimise downtime and business impact.

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