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CYBER>WATCH Threat Intelligence

Customer-specific threat analysis

Stay ahead of attackers with CYBER>WATCH!

CYBER>WATCH is a software-based security system that detects real-time threats and daily cyber incidents affecting your business. CYBER>WATCH assists you in being proactive by disclosing your attack surfaces, developing a digital risk profile, and predicting upcoming attacks using personalised information.

Through CYBER>WATCH, customers receive an overview of their external threat environment and know exactly what countermeasures are required to address security vulnerabilities. They can deploy their cyber defence personnel and resources where they are needed most and keep attackers at bay.

Detect imminent cyber-attacks on your business before cyber criminals cause damage to your business.

With CYBER>WATCH, customers can expand their security programmes beyond the corporate infrastructure by gaining access to information sources to collect, analyse and correlate threat intelligence. This helps them to accurately prioritise and address cybersecurity risks.

We provide full contextual details on the threat indicator. What kind of attacker is it? Background details: malicious/non-malicious, what are the location details? Does the attacker have affiliation with cybercrime campaigns and is it a cybercriminal group?

Detailed insights into your external threat environment - who are the cybercriminals targeting, their motivation, what do they want from you, when can they attack and how will they attack, what tools and techniques can they use?

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